Work for Us

Keecha Harris and Associates, Inc., keeps an active database of consultants that our team members engage as needed for project-based work. Consultants are independent contractors that perform specific tasks and services within finite periods of performance.

We are always looking to learn more about leading consultants and service providers; if you are interested in consulting with KHA, please review the requirements below and submit your qualifications to


Independent contractors may be considered if they meet the following requirements:

  • Must be able to engage as needed on finite service engagements and must perform specific tasks within their area of expertise with little or no supervision.

  • Must be responsible for their own work environment, tools, supplies and equipment.

  • Must have specialized skills and expertise to complete and advise on project-based needs.

Proposal Inputs

Consultants should submit the following information for possible consideration for current and/or future engagements with KHA to

  • The following pricing information:

    • Service fee rates (hourly rates, pricing for deliverable, etc.) for consultancies of similar nature for the last 2 years if available, OR

    • Salary history for the last 2 years if available.

  • The following expertise information:

    • Education information post high school

    • Expertise, employment history, and/or consultancy history (CV preferred) covering the last 8-10 years

    • Countries/geographies of expertise/experience