+ Research and Evaluation

KHA Inc offers two unique areas of expertise in quantitative and qualitative evaluation.

First, we use research and program evaluation techniques to address the complex issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion within corporate and nonprofit settings. Our niche is eliciting data on groups – such as racial and ethnic minorities as well as low-income populations – that tend to be underrepresented in evaluation and research data. All too often, data on groups that are targeted beneficiaries are limited or bereft of the substance that informs effective grantmaking and program management. This is especially true of data on racial and ethnic minorities.

Second, we are skilled at participatory approaches to evaluation across a diversity of perspectives, programmatic approaches, and geographic circumstances. Most importantly, we work with our clients to determine the most appropriate ways to use evaluation data to improve their effectiveness over time. KHA Inc can:

  • conduct literature research and reviews
  • design and conduct needs assessments
  • develop process, outcome, and impact measures
  • gather, organize, analyze, and present qualitative data
  • design and conduct program evaluation and assessment
  • design survey instruments and supporting materials
  • develop study designs, evaluation plans, and analytic plans
  • collect data via in-person interviews, telephone, mail, focus groups, and the Internet
  • use advanced statistical software to analyze quantitative data (e.g., SAS, SPSS, STATA)
  • develop graphical depiction of complex findings
  • translate evidence-based knowledge and programs (e.g., tool kits, curricula)
  • implement community-based participatory research projects
  • generate technical reports and manuscripts

+ Organizational Development

KHA Inc assists organizations with strategy development with accelerated capacities in generating greater racial equity. KHA Inc can:

  • facilitate planning processes, including community-based planning and participatory strategic planning
  • help organizations engage a wide range of stakeholders as well as identify potential partners
  • facilitate dynamic meetings that engage internal and external stakeholders
  • lead the development and implementation of listening sessions, including the reporting process
  • develop concrete recommendations for implementation based on stakeholder input
  • assist with board development in the context of change management
  • support staff in change management through coaching and goal setting at the executive and staff levels
  • assist organizations as they develop strategic frameworks, including conceptual models and readily implementable strategy frameworks
  • support the development of written action plans
  • develop outcome tracking frameworks
  • conduct scans of the funding landscape in particular topic areas
  • make recommendations for moving particular topic areas forward in an organization

+ Project Management

KHA Inc provides project management to a wide variety of organizations and agencies. KHA Inc can:

  • organize content and logistics for multi-stakeholder convenings for groups of 10 to 1000
  • facilitate training and learning community activities electronically and on site
  • utilize programmatic and population-level data to inform best practices and funding decisions
  • assist in the development of programmatic and business plans
  • support the programmatic development of technical assistance frameworks
  • assess and evaluate the effectiveness of an organization’s technical assistance program
  • support the development content and technical expertise through group trainings and one-on-one assistance