KHA Inc is a trusted source of support in evaluation and programmatic support services for philanthropy, corporations and NGOs. We have led evaluations of federally and privately funded efforts in education, health, community development, rural development and community food systems. Our skills in evaluating the capacity of funding targeting racial and ethnic minorities have placed our expertise across the United States including the U.S. Virgin Islands. 

KHA Inc works with philanthropy, corporations and NGOs to help them understand   the impact and capacity of their social investments at the community level and beyond. We employ quantitative and qualitative methods to elicit data on the outcomes and impacts of grants as well as the processes that influence change. If your company wants to learn more about how to be more effective,       KHA Inc can help.


KHA Inc provides expertise to philanthropy, advocacy groups and corporations on evaluation, strategic planning and cultural competence issues. They have led evaluations of federally and privately funded community development, food systems and child wellness efforts as well as provided project management support. This includes having led the evaluations of the Community Food and Nutrition Program of the Department of Health and Human Services as well as the multi-year evaluation of the Champions for Healthy Kids Grant Program.  KHA Inc managed a regional community food policy initiative and learning community that spanned four states and the US Virgin Islands as well as conducted an environmental scan on the opportunities for philanthropy to make Program Related Investments (PRIs) for sustainable food enterprise. They also lead the evaluation of an effort to get children enrolled in the State Chip Health Insurance Program (CHIP) in a Texas border community and the evaluation of a rural education policy strategy.  KHA Inc has worked on a number of other types of evaluation as well as other knowledge-building projects.

How we do it

Our approach to engagement is participatory, asset-based, and client-focused.  We formally engage clients to determine their interests and partner with them to develop an approach that will bring greater clarity and focus to their work.  In evaluation, we design tools for quantitative and qualitative data collection and analyses.  Some of the evaluation products and tools that we use include conceptual/logic models, mapping, interviews, site visits, focus groups and paper and online surveys.  Also, we are capable of providing evaluation technical assistance and support.  We have successfully managed projects with local, regional and national strategies including border health issues. 

Our niche is eliciting data on groups – such as racial and ethnic minorities as well as low-income populations – that tend to be underrepresented in evaluation and research data.

eliciting data on racial and ethnic minorities

All too often, data on groups that are targeted beneficiaries are limited or bereft of the substance that informs effective grantmaking and program management.  This is especially true of data on racial and ethnic minorities.  KHA has demonstrated capacity in eliciting data through a variety of methods including those that follow:

  • Focus Groups
  • Interviews
  • Site Visits

We are also skilled at participatory approaches to evaluation across a diversity of perspectives, programmatic approaches and geographic circumstances.  Most important we work with our clients to determine the most appropriate ways to use evaluation data to improve their effectiveness over time.