KHA Inc assists organizations with strategy development with accelerated capacities in generating greater racial equity.

KHA Inc can:

  • Facilitate planning processes, including community-based planning and participatory strategic planning
  • Help organizations engage a wide range of stakeholders as well as identify potential partners
  • Facilitate dynamic meetings that engage internal and external stakeholders
  • Lead the development and implementation of listening sessions, including the reporting process
  • Develop concrete recommendations for implementation based on stakeholder input
  • Assist with board development in the context of change management


  • Support staff in change management through coaching and goal setting at the executive and staff levels
  • Assist organizations as they develop strategic frameworks, including conceptual models and readily implementable strategy frameworks
  • Support the development of written action plans
  • Develop outcome tracking frameworks
  • Conduct scans of the funding landscape in particular topic areas
  • Make recommendations for moving particular topic areas forward in an organization