KHA offers two unique areas of expertise in quantitative and qualitative evaluation.

First, we use research and program evaluation techniques to address the complex issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion within corporate and nonprofit settings. Our niche is eliciting data on groups – such as racial and ethnic minorities as well as low-income populations – that tend to be underrepresented in evaluation and research data. All too often, data on groups that are targeted beneficiaries are limited or bereft of the substance that informs effective grantmaking and program management. This is especially true of data on racial and ethnic minorities. 

Second, we are skilled at participatory approaches to evaluation across a diversity of perspectives, programmatic approaches, and geographic circumstances. Most importantly, we work with our clients to determine the most appropriate ways to use evaluation data to improve their effectiveness over time.

KHA can:

  • Conduct literature research and reviews

  • Design and conduct needs assessments

  • Develop process, outcome, and impact measures

  • Gather, organize, analyze, and present qualitative data

  • Design and conduct program evaluation and assessment

  • Design survey instruments and supporting materials

  • Develop study designs, evaluation plans, and analytic plans

  • Collect data via in-person interviews, telephone, mail, focus groups, and the Internet

  • Use advanced statistical software to analyze quantitative data (e.g., SAS, SPSS, STATA)

  • Develop graphical depiction of complex findings

  • Translate evidence-based knowledge and programs (e.g., tool kits, curricula)

  • Implement community-based participatory research projects

  • Generate technical reports and manuscripts