KHA Inc works with diverse local, regional, and national clients - philanthropy, government, corporations, and nongovernmental organizations.

Our projects focus on a wide variety of issues, from community food systems and the environment to public health programming, child and family well-being, and health disparities, among many others. On behalf of our clients, we facilitate socially just policy, systems, and environmental change through the participatory engagement of stakeholders. 

+ 11th Hour Project of the Schmidt Family Foundation

Research and Evaluation: Provided support through a participatory process on the development of overall organizational strategy inclusive of equity and justice in environmental grantmaking. Developed a strategic framework through the engagement of funded partners, board of directors, staff, funders, and other stakeholders. Tracked progress through the collection of qualitative and quantitative programmatic data to inform future grantmaking.

+ Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota

Organizational Development: Facilitated community wellness planning process between health insurer and its corporate partner. Conducted surveys and interviews to gauge the interests and intention of the business community in wellness programming. Reviewed literature, assessed local resources, analyzed community input, and made recommendations for an active living strategy.

+ Centers for Disease Control and Prevention/ICF International

Project Management: Facilitated an Impact Investment Learning Series for Communities Putting Prevention to Work partners. Conducted a series of learning community activities electronically and on site. Assisted in the development of business plans for community health enterprise.

+ ChangeLab Solutions

Project Management: Supported the programmatic development of a technical assistance framework to support the needs of Robert Wood Johnson Foundation childhood obesity grantees.

+ The Common Market

+ Community Food Security Coalition

Research and Evaluation: Conducted external evaluation of technical assistance provided to Communities Putting Prevention to Work awardee partners. Collected and analyzed quantitative and qualitative data obtained through interviews, surveys, and site visits to 11 CPPW communities. Produced interim and final reports.

+ The David and Lucile Packard Foundation

+ W.K. Kellogg Foundation

Research and Evaluation: Framed the prospective evaluation of the New Orleans, place-based strategy of grantmaking across the Foundation’s core programmatic and thematic areas of influence. Developed conceptual models and collected baseline data from grantees. Triangulated programmatic data with population-level data in a magazine style format for ease of utilization by staff and grantees.

+ National Healthy Drinks Coalition, Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity at University of Connecticut

Organizational Development: Provided support on the development of a written health equity action plan to inform Rudd’s Voices for Healthy Kids work plan. Developed concrete recommendations for implementation based on stakeholder input. Advised Rudd Center in identifying potential partners. Facilitated topic-specific meetings related to health equity.

+ Notah Begay III Foundation

Organizational Development: Facilitated a participatory strategic planning process that gleaned input from content and methodological experts in research, evaluation, geospatial mapping, and Native American child health. Constructed conceptual models and a strategic framework as well as guided the national programming team in the development of work plans. Developed internal and external evaluation processes and approaches. Made recommendations for policy programming based on landscape of social determinants of health in Indian Country.

+ Public Health Insurance Evaluation of the Paso del Norte Health Foundation

Research and Evaluation: Prospective evaluation of the grantmaking to increase child health insurance coverage. Triangulated population and programmatic data to assess trends in enrollment. Collected data from stakeholders in English and Spanish. Produced baseline, midpoint, and final reports.

+ Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF)

We have completed a number of projects for RWJF.

Retrospective Technical Study for RWJF Research and Evaluation: Assessed $1.4 billion technical assistance investments made over 40 years. Conducted interviews of past grantees, partners, technical assistance providers, co-funders, and beneficiaries of the effort. Submitted a written report of findings and presented preliminary findings to staff.

Advocacy Evaluation Planning Organizational Development: Conducted interviews of content and methodological experts in advocacy and its evaluation. Planned and facilitated multiday meetings of key experts and key grantees. Developed common outcome tracking framework for evaluation.

  • Interfaith Advocacy: Conducted scan of faith-based organizations engaged in healthy eating and active living advocacy. Recommended a Collective Impact model for a multitiered effort to improve policy implementation related to the Child Nutrition Act.
  • Southern States: Provided support on a series of listening sessions across seven states to inform the development of strategy for the Childhood Obesity and Catalyzing Demand Teams.

Southeast Funders Project Management: Engaged regional public and private funders and potential investors in learning community to explore co-funding options for a regional approach to improving healthy food access. Collected and analyzed survey data on range of practices and levels of funding.

+ Rural Education Policy Collaborative Evaluation of the Rural School and Community Trust

Research and Evaluation: Conducted a prospective evaluation of a five-state effort to improve educational funding for rural schools. Developed constructs and indicators with project staff and state partners. Provided evaluation capacity support by assisting state partners with the development of logic models and case studies of their efforts. Tracked quantitative and quality data and produced baseline, midpoint, and final evaluation reports.

+ School Food FOCUS

Research and Evaluation: Developed an evaluative framework for Southern Regional Learning Lab that aimed to link the quality of school meals with regional procurement of sustainably produced protein and produce. Engaged seven districts and their partners in the development of quantitative and qualitative measures to capture progress and impacts. Developed a theory of change model that conveys how the effort will effect systems change.

+ Sisters of Charity Foundation

Organizational Development: Conducted a national study of place-based healthy eating and active living strategies and stakeholder listening sessions. Facilitated engagement of business sector in addressing barriers to favorable health outcomes through “health is wealth” framing. Staged the engagement of a diverse range of stakeholders in the development of a Healthy Eating and Active Living Hub of community health enterprise.

+ South Carolina Community Loan Fund

Organizational Development: Supported the development of a strategic framework, board development relative to statewide expansion, and an impact model of measurable indicators that triangulate public, partner, and organizational data.

+ Southern Sustainable Agriculture Working Group

Project Management: Facilitated on-site training series and learning communities focused on community food systems and policy.