Hewlett Foundation's Marilyn Waite on the Green New Deal

Marilyn Waite  (via her LinkedIn)

Marilyn Waite (via her LinkedIn)

Hewlett Foundation Program Officer in Environment Marilyn Waite offers some insight into the pros and cons of the Green New Deal, a federal climate policy proposed by freshman Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY).

Waite says that, while the proposed policy has many benefits, it’s lacking in one area — its name. The policy’s namesake, President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal, led to large swaths of inequity for people of color (particularly black people), including unfair mortgage lending practices, redlining, and exclusion from Social Security benefits.

Meanwhile, Waite is optimistic about the contents of the policy and provides encouraging feedback on what she hopes it will include, plus a request to please, for the love, change the name.

You can read Waite’s full piece here.